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Is it correct? Find out by asking these questions


One of the classic million dollar questions: If you want to know if what you’ve got on your side is really the right man for you, now is the time to ask yourself (and yourself) the right questions.

15 questions to ask your boyfriend to find out if he’s the right man for you

“Is this really the right one”? Here is a question you may be asking yourself in topincontrigay.comor have asked yourself at least once in your life. No need to make long-term plans to wonder if a man is passing through or if he is the one who, in addition to making your heart beat and pumping adrenaline in your body, will also be the one that will mark your life. .

As everlasting love is increasingly scarce, it’s okay to wonder – especially in the early stages of a relationship – whether we’re investing our time in something truly worth and meaningful or whether we should have reasons not to. take it too seriously. The number and frequency of questions may vary: there are those who manage to maintain lightness and serenity, and those who spend a lot more time brooding, but wondering if their current boyfriend / partner / chaperone is really the right one. sacrosanct.

And to that we will add another truth: immobilizing the brain too hard is hardly ever useful in practical terms. Let’s try to reverse the question: instead of torturing yourself with inner questions that will never be answered, why don’t you try to ask him the right questions?

Here the science comes in: some researchers at the University of Chicago have put together a list of questions from which we could figure out whether who we are up against is a prince or a frog.

There is clearly no right way to complete this test, but the answers can help you get a clearer picture of your partner and decide whether or not to send them for “nomination”.

Apparently it works! Here are the most appropriate questions to understand if he is the right person for you:

# 1 What’s the coolest thing I can tell you to make you happy?

# 2 Who would you like to look like?gay internet dating is easy and quick

# 3 Who is the person who knows you best?

# 4 Where would you like to live if you could choose any place in the world?

# 5 Would you rather be twice as happy, twice as smart, or twice as rich?

# 6 What’s the last thing that made you cry?

# 7 Tell me something your parents would be surprised to find out about you!

# 8 What’s the best gift your friends have ever given you?

# 9 Better to pay or ask for a favor?

# 10 What’s the strangest attitude that has ever attracted you to a woman?

# 11 Have you ever been left behind?

# 12 What’s that thing you would never do again and regret?

# 13 Have you ever cheated out of boredom?

# 14 What could you do to impress me?

# 15 What is a woman’s gesture that you can’t resist?