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5 concrete actions to say “I love you” to a friend


Un’amico is the most valuable resource we have. A friend herself owes us nothing, only friendship, and that’s why sometimes we should find a way to thank her with a nice gesture, just to let her know how much we care for her. … without having to say it in words.

The girlfriends color our days with affection and meaning, they follow in the hardest moments and in joy and, if they are “true friends”, they even accompany us for a lifetime. How do you make your best friend understand that she is important and that her existence is a gift to you?

1. Call her often

It might seem obvious and even a little boring, after all there are group video chats, messaging (including voice), direct on Instagram today … but a two-way phone call is still the best way to say to your friend “I am here for you, I am calling you because now we only devote ourselves to our cat”. A phone call is a way to shorten distances, whether you are far or near. Join unsitederencontreserieux.

Your voice will be so warm and happy that it will be a breath of fresh air the next day. You don’t really need to hear from you every day, but often a call is nice even if you don’t have any gossip or stories to tell, it’s also nice to hear your friend from. the other side of the phone.

2. Give it a surprise visit

One way to keep a friendship alive is to get organized and have a good time together. But the secret, as it often happens, lies in seasoning everything with a pinch of authenticity. Finding your friend downstairs (maybe with breakfast or a snack in hand) is one of the ten joys in life.

“I love you” is simply shown by taking half an hour of your day for a walk with her. Without, of course, being intrusive or pressing, a visit to a friend’s house is always good for the heart – and also an excuse to be offered a coffee!

3. Send him a letter

Instead of an SMS … why not write a letter, a postcard, a nice post-it? Your words can make her smile even as her mail and bills go by, giving her five minutes of joy. Register in Top Sito Di Incontri.

Also, and most importantly, remember for important dates his birthday as a goal achieved … the beauty of a handwritten thought is that it stays in the memory box for years, often forever, and is a reminder the spontaneity of two friends who mutually commit to making each other smile.

4. Make her a treat

Or, if desserts are not his passion, even a parmigiana! The friend goes a little spoiled, and it’s always nice to share an after-hours snack or a treat between meals.

It may sound like a vaguely primitive concept, but feeding your loved ones is an important instinct, and even just watching your friend eat content is believed to make you feel satisfied and loved.

Don’t feel like a master chef and don’t have a kitchen? You could make a recipe together. Plan a lunch or a picnic and have fun making delicious recipes with it. The imperative in this case is only one: to love oneself.

5. Listen to him

A friend who calls you to talk about herself and ask for your opinion is someone who values ​​your opinion and therefore expects loyalty and kindness from you. Listen to her, understand her reasons, put on her shoes and give her the advice you would like to receive.

Listen to her not only to answer her doubts, but to understand how you can help, console, and comfort her. Listen to her to understand her state of mind, she will be grateful for the time you devote to her well-being and will always want to make sure of yours.

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