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Share video from YouTube – Video gets great engagement, but it’s more difficult for a startup to produce. But that’s not what puts it over the edge and makes it a great LinkedIn ad; what makes it a great LinkedIn ad is that it doesn’t feel like an ad. You may be aware that improving your LinkedIn profile may increase your inconsistencies in display in LinkedIn search results,  like a LinkedIn page. Creating your LinkedIn profile and its company page around terms and keywords important to your business will help your audience clear who you are and what you do. Your PR team can lead the way and help create content, but you and your company team are a very important part of the social media mix.

A weak social media profile can be a real deal-breaker.  click on the edit page, and in an Overview segment, you can enter a 2000 character description about your company profile. Here’s a relatively small but helpful update – LinkedIn is now giving all users the option to display a ‘Follow’ button as the main CTA on their profile page, as opposed to the current ‘Connect’ prompt. With the July 2013 edition of LinkedIn company page analytics, you’ll now be able to:- Identify the updates that prompt the greatest engagement.- Filter engagement trends clicks, likes, comments, and shares by type and period.- Receive more detailed demographic data about your followers.- See the growth of your follower base and compare it to similar brands.

Want to go a little deeper on engagement? Pose questions to page followers to get conversations going – Make a provocative statement or ask a question that might be a little controversial – both are good conversation starters. When they do, the code initiates an automatic sync, which uploads the new data over your linkedjetpack Internet connection to your little piece of the provider’s servers and then downloads it to all connected PCs. You need an image properly sized for the header 744 x 400 pixels, and then you can drop in the text. Go to your company page, and in the upper right corner, click on the icon Admin tools, and then “Invite connections.” The quality of your tagline and description will attract your followers to the company page.