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Finer Supports From the Bridal Hair Stylist

Even if you know your Hair stylist for many years, it is highly recommended that you order a trial wedding hairstyle. This is especially important if you are trying a new, non-classic, wedding hairstyle that may look great in a magazine, but may look different on you.

Most stylists will offer a discount if you book a trial and wedding hairstyle immediately.

Most importantly, do a test hairstyle in advance, at least a month before the wedding. Take pictures from all sides on the camera and take notes. This information will help you on your wedding day.

Be honest with your stylist

Your Hair stylist wants to give you precisely what you want, so you have to tell him everything! This is the best way to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your hairstyle on your wedding day. Therefore, be as open as possible and do not hide anything, even discontent.

Understand which hairstyles suit you

It may be tempting to try a hairstyle that is entirely different from your style or very fashionable, but it may happen that it does not suit you, and it is merely not “yours.” Do not try to be trendy in everything. Brides, as a rule, look romantic, tender, and neat.

First, choose a dress, and then a hairstyle

If you have not said yes to the suit, do not stop at the hairstyle! The already chosen wedding dress is a massive help in deciding which hairstyle to arrange for the bride: whether to wear hair up or down and what style will complement the dress.

No need for sudden movements

You should not plan a sharp change in hair length, a new haircut, or a change in hair color a week before the wedding. All this is worth doing before the first trip to the stylist for a test hairstyle, well, or right on the spot, to solve all issues with him.

Try on a dress and, on the same day, a test hairstyle

There is no better way to get an idea of ​​the whole image than creating the entire picture in one day, while all the impressions are fresh! You can see exactly how it all fits together and make sure that your hairstyle matches your wedding dress.

Go to hair treatment

For shiny hair, plan a hair treatment a week before your wedding day. Deep conditioning or lamination in the salon will help your hair shine on your wedding day.

Do not forget about hair accessories

A beautiful wedding hair accessory is a great way to add a little piquancy to your look. Hairpins, headbands and flower hairpins can bring a touch of chic to your wedding look.