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Man is Slave at Gloryhole


I have been attending various adult bookstores since I was 21 years old. I watched all sorts of kinky movies and loved to jack off. Especially after watching bi and she-male movies, I experienced a lot of bi fantasies, but I hadn’t explored them yet. These were great places for me as I usually didn’t have sex with too many women due to size issues. I’m 35 years old now, but this particular day I was working in Montana and happened to be driving on ABS. When I finished work later, I went back to the store.

When I came in, the place was pretty, with a wide variety of DVDs and a charming Goth BBW girl (later found out her name was Amber) behind the counter. I walked to the counter, changed clothes for $ 10 and returned to the booth. Only 10 and 3 were used. I chose one, went in and locked the door. I put all $ 10 in the machine and noticed that there were holes on both sides. I thought it was amazing. I have read about the hole of glory, but I have never experienced it. I took off my clothes and sat in a hard plastic chair. I love the feeling of being completely naked. I flipped through the channels and watched creampie videos, anal sex, normal sex, bisexual, gay and TS.

When I sat down on a hard plastic chair, it was very difficult, and I started masturbating. Just then, I noticed someone jumping into the next booth. When I saw him whip the cock, I turned to the hole. I swiped my finger, and he quickly passed through his cock. I’m so excited about the guy he plays in the movie that I grabbed it and started stroking him. When I touched it, the cock (about 7 inches) jumped, and I thought, “I’m sucking a man today.” I leaned forward and started licking a beautiful cock, wrapping my lips. Two or less. He came by alternating sucking and licking. He came when I was licking his cock, and it got all over my face, hair and chest. I immediately wrapped my lips and swallowed the rest.

When he pulled it out, I looked back and found another cock through the hole on the other side. I eagerly jumped there and started sucking him. He was small, so I was able to deep throat his cock. It took about 5 minutes for him to come to my mouth and chin. I got up, sat in a chair, covered my face with semen, and leaked pre-ejaculate. I thought, “Wow, I’ve never sucked a cock, but now I’m a professional.” I licked my pre-ejaculate and watched my movie timer. Only about half have expired. As soon as I started looking, I noticed that my finger was in the first hole. I went and pushed a 5-inch cock into the hole and was swallowed hungrily on the other side. When I moaned and filled my mouth, I saw two guys vaginalizing a girl. He stabbed his cock. I was a little upset and wondered what I had done. I wondered what I decided to put the pigeons in. At that time, I decided that humiliation and a little more change was needed. When I went out to meet the girl behind the counter, I decided to leave most of the semen on her face and clothes. I went forward and asked Amber for a change. She laughed and said, “I’m not a nasty creampie slut.” She said what it meant, so I made the beat red. She said, “Well, you dried the pre-ejaculate that had soaked into your hair, face, and shirt, and your pre-ejaculate had soaked into your shorts.”

When Amber told me not to worry about it, I tried to look down at her and hide it, which turned her on to humiliate me. She told her she loved humiliation, but it was her first time sucking her cock. She laughed, and she said you must have really taken them. This is when she introduced herself as her Amber and handed me my changes. I introduced myself as Marty. She told me to have fun and come back and chat later. I headed back and headed to another booth. It had a display window on one side and a nice big hole on the other side. I took off my clothes again and noticed that there was a cook in the hole. I jumped in and started sucking. I licked a huge cock and tried deep throating. I kept sucking the cock and the ball for 10 minutes before he came to my mouth and my chest. Looking back, I noticed a couple looking at me across the glass. I turned around to see another cock. By the time he came, the couple was gone, but I saw Amber looking through the glass at me. She left soon as I started getting dressed. At that time, I noticed another cook and decided to smoke it before going out.

Just then, my money ran out, and I decided to move forward again. I immediately got dressed and went forward to see the Amber. Amber was talking on the phone, but as I walked, she hung up. She said you need to look in the mirror. She handed me a little mirror, and I made the beat red again, but I loved the very naughty feelings. She said the man had never come out wearing semen that year. She told me she had been working here for a year, and working here really turned her on even though she was almost a girl. If she was going to be with a man, he had to have a big rooster, and I knew she laughed as she said it. I got even redder as she said, “I can’t believe how small your cock is.” She told me she really turned her on when she saw me sucking the cock and seeing my little stiff cock bouncing back and forth between her. She also told me that she would be busy later and I could come back and become her filthy slave. About three hours later, when she took a break from her work and came back, I was back. She came a few minutes later, so I left the door unlocked. I was already undressed, and she touched my stiff little rooster, and when she pointed out, my first customer said it was even smaller, as close as a little boy rooster.

She commented on how small my cock was when I sucked him up and swallowed it. She pushed me towards another hole, where I sucked the next man. For the Fourth Man, I felt fingers, lubricants, and much bigger in my ass. Looking back, I noticed that Amber was pushing a sucker dildo into my ass. When it was fully in, Amber whispered to me to sit on the ground. Just then, the man moaned. I started moving up and down, amazed at how comfortable it was, and Amber was just looking at me. About 10 minutes later, another cook passed by and Amber rolled a condom over it. I thought she was going to fuck it, and she didn’t understand what she was doing until she told me to fuck it. I hesitated, but she said I was her slave. While Amber was guiding it, I pushed the dildo against the cock and flicked it off. I immediately started fucking it and noticed that Amber was naked. She played with cumming twice while I committed for 10 minutes before the man entered the condom. Amber pulled out the condoms and poured them into her boobs, and let me lick them clean. I gasped and sat down, and Amber told me to hurry for her. I cramped my little rooster while she humiliated me verbally and came all over her boobs. She told me to lick them clean as she had to go home. I licked all my semen from her boobs while she fingered herself on another orgasm. When she was wearing her clothes, she told me to come back the next night with a lot of money for the video booth. When Amber did, I left and returned to my motel. I was so excited about what I did that day that I cramped two more times before falling asleep. I worked for a few hours before heading to ABS around 5 pm the next day. The place was full of guys and a few couples and girls. I saw Amber spinning around the milling machine and walked to her. She was straight before turning off at 5:30 pm. She told me to go back to booth seven and open the display window between the booths and get naked. She will be back when she’s done.

When I opened the display window, I noticed that this was not the case. I took off my clothes and noticed that the other side was looking at me in the one-way mirror on the right, with a gloryhole underneath the central video display and another on the wall on the left. The guy at the next booth wanted to suck me, but he saw the size of my cock, laughed and stabbed him instead. I immediately started sucking his cock. I smoked a man before listening to the door. Amber brought a toy with her and had a 7-inch strap and lubricant. She put it on her clothes and let me smoke it first. I heard the booth doors open and closed with one-way glass, but I was too busy sucking and messing up to pay attention. I sucked on three guys while she kept raping me with a 7-inch dildo for probably 25 minutes. By the time she got tired of fucking me, my face was covered with semen. I asked if I could fuck her, and she said she wanted me before she saw my rooster, but my little boy rooster didn’t help her. Two cocks came out of the hole in just a few minutes. Amber grabbed the biggest one, wrapped it in a condom, and slipped it into her cat. I smoked the smaller one while she was raping him violently. My mouth came to my mouth, and Amber wanted me to lick her while others were fucking her. I did, and it wasn’t long before he filled the condom with a climax. Amber peeled off the condom and poured his huge baggage all over my face. Amber then dressed her to leave, took my clothes, and told me I should do a good job and not hurry as she or her friends may be watching. She said she wanted me to have fun. Then I realized that I couldn’t go home because I had clothes. In the next few hours, I sucked five more cocks and made three small cocks raped. Occasionally I heard laughing, chatting, and grinning across the window.

My face and hair were covered, and my stomach was full of semen. The door was knocked and unlocked. There was a man there who amber wanted me to suck him and deep throat his cock. Then he pushed me into the booth and unzipped his pants. I pulled out his huge 9-inch cock and sucked it up. He had his cock stuck in his throat until I got nauseated, and I was finally able to deep throat him. Pulled away, he noticed that he was still stiff and wearing a condom. I said no, but he told me it was an amber wish. Pull it out for 15 minutes and shoot another big baggage on my face. Amber came and opened the door and was right behind him with her friend Stacey. Stacy saw my wrinkled little cock and said, “Wow, that’s the smallest thing I have; they throw my clothes and tell me to dress without getting rid of the climax. They were laughing all the time. I got out of the booth and noticed that the place was full and passed by a couple with a man while covered. With a dry climax. Before. They had a train of people. I walked on pa laughed and glanced at me st. Stacey then yelled it didn’t make a good show, and everyone applauded. All these people were looking at me or wanted to die, noticing that I was sucked in. Then Amber told me that there were a lot of them taking pictures with cameras and cell phones. Amber told me tonight I had to sleep without a shower until my semen-covered body and morning. I left immediately and was lucky enough to be at the back door of the hotel.

When I got up to the room, the girl had the key to the room, so I had to dry my hair and get down to the smelly lobby. I was very humiliated because this young girl behind the counter immediately gave me my key. I was going to take a shower and probably never see her again, but I was crazy about becoming Amber’s slave. I lay naked, covered with dry semen, and exhausted. About two hours later, I heard the door open. I started to get up, but I was pushed down in the dark and heard Amber tell me to stay still. They blindfolded me and tied me to the bed. I heard male and female voices in the room. I heard Amber tell a guy named Steve that she was a great cock sucker, and I felt a dildo pierce my painful ass. In the next 2 hours, I sucked 8 or 9 guys, and they each covered my body with semen. Half the time, when I felt the straps in and out of my ass, I occasionally felt someone hitting my wrinkled little cock. Removed her blindfold as they left the Amber, and I saw Stacy and her, but the rest of the room was empty. She told me I deserved to see them play because Stacy was her lover, and they decided I was a good slave. They played for the next hour, and finally, Stacy rubbed my cock with her shoes until I came. She made me lick her shoes clean before they got dressed and left. Just then, I noticed that I was still tied up and covered with semen. I tried to loosen it, but I couldn’t. About 30 minutes later, the door was knocked. I said I was fine, but the girl kept the door open before calling the girl at the front desk (I think I told her I needed her help), so the girl anyway I came. She came through the door, and her chin fell, and then she began to laugh. I turned bright red and asked her to stop. She said she couldn’t help it, she said she had never seen a guy with such a little rooster, and that must be the reason I’m gay. I noticed that it wasn’t. I tried to tell her that I wasn’t gay, but when she unravelled me, she said, you must have that little cock and all that semen. She left after I was released, and I begged her not to tell anyone. When I headed to the airport, her maid and the people at the front desk were all grinning, so I think she told everyone.