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Boss is the best entertainer of all time. King Nagarjuna has chosen a right movie to come in front of audiences which was a blockbuster and now available on Aha for free. Boss is a romantic, action, drama. It has all kinds of emotion and beautiful ladies all around. This movie has the right cast which was suitable for them. Watch free movies online on Aha! Boss is an extremely well written and director with perfect dialogue and edits. So watch it now and be entertained. Watch boss movie online on Aha!


The story begins with our stylish Boss! He owns GK (Gopal Krishna) constructions. He is very kind towards his employees and tough with the competitors. SRK is the main competitor and villain in the movie. SRK does all fraud and illegal works and tries to defeat GK. Meanwhile, Boss looks out for a personal secretary. Unfortunately, he will not find the right person in the interviews but he accidentally meets Anu. He thinks she has all the potential that he was looking for and hires her. Work goes well and Anu starts feeling for GK. They go on a Malaysia business trip and they get even closer. Anu tries to confess her love to GK but because of some office misconception her self respect gets hurt and she decides to leave the GK construction by resigning. She will have to find a replacement for her and leave, then enters Shruthi, a very smart and charming girl who was planted by SRK in this company to know secrets and to get tender files. Anu gets jealous of Shruti all the time. FinallyAnu leaves the company and her father fixes her wedding. Before this GK tells Anu about his first marriage with Sanjana. The story comes to an end after lots of twists and turns with a happy note.

Artist Performance:

If we’ll have to talk about the artists performance in this movi, everyone has done excellently throughout the movie. Nagarjuna always nails the performance and runs the movie superbly. Nayanatara was beautiful in traditional attire and she is extremely talented. Poonam Bajwa was smart and charming. Sheya has a very short and sweet role in the movie yet  which was very attractive. Beauty was all over the movie. You will not miss it in any blink.

Technical Aspects:

  • Story was built wonderfully! Every scene and sequence looked precious for the audience to miss. All the emotions are made sure to get involved.
  • Music was so soothing and melodious. They were very momential and situational..
  • Editing was on point of excellence. Colours, the tsunami effects are just jaw dropping.
  • Direction was really good. Maintained all the details with care.

Cast & Crew:

Actor: NagarjunaAkkineni

Actress: Nayantara

Other Actors: Shriya Saran, Poonam Bajwa

Director: V. N. Aditya

Producer: D. Siva Prasad Reddy

Dialogues: ChintapallyRamana

Screenplay & dialogues: BalabhadrapatruniRamani, V. N. Aditya

Music: Anooprubens, Kalyani Malik, Harry Anand,

Editor: Marthand K. Venkatesh

Cinematographer: Siva Kumar

More Information:

Release date: 27 September 2006

Running time: 160 minutes

Genre: Romantic, Action, Drama

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